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What is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?

Let’s have a look at what Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is NOT first. There is no watch swinging, ‘look into my eyes’ stage work, no clients running around like chickens, no magic wands and certainly no loss of control over their senses. Hypnotherapy is far from that.

Hypnotherapy is a natural method of altering someone’s state of consciousness. It is a very pleasant and relaxing experience. You will never lose awareness or control, in fact your awareness is heightened. This is a time when you are fully in control. My focus as a therapist is to help you increase your levels of control, not reduce it: a greater control of your thoughts, your feelings and your emotions. To explore your potential for growth and learning in order to create a favourable climate for you to perform at your best, and to deal with life’s eventualities.

Hypnotherapy can help with:

Anxiety Reduction
Stress Management
• Sleeping Problems
• Weight Loss
• Exam Stress Reduction
• Confidence Building
• Sporting Confidence Building
• Work Stress Reduction
• Post Natal Depression
• Coping Better Through Pregnancy
• Pain Management
• Public Speaking

If your issue is not listed please call to discuss

Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy combined with the application of hypnotic techniques in such a way as to bring about therapeutic change.
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy involves the use of modern methods which help with a large range of symptoms. This therapy is concerned with helping people achieve what they want to achieve in life. It is particularly helpful with confidence and self-esteem problems, and change can often be achieved rapidly. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is now recognised as one of the most successful interventions (if necessary, in conjunction with medication) in the treatment of Depression and Anxiety disorders including panic attacks.
It is advisable to take advantage of the free call offered so we can discuss the issues you are facing. This will help to determine the method of treatment and gives clients the opportunity to ask any questions they may have about hypnotherapy.
The treatment is tailored to your preferences, your personality and your needs. The length of treatment might range from three sessions for minor phobias to perhaps 10 hour-long sessions for someone who is depressed.

What Can I Expect From Sessions

You need to feel confident that you can trust me to help you, so I offer a free 15-minute chat on the phone to potential new clients, so you can ask me any questions and ensure you’re comfortable. We would then schedule an appointment together for a session. In this session we will focus on your concerns, all your relevant historical information and decide on a treatment plan. We spend time discussing the neuroscience behind how the brain works, and how we will help you to re-wire your thinking.
The use of downloads is an integral part of the therapy and every client will receive a free recording to listen to daily. This continues to focus the mind between sessions.
In a session we would spend time chatting about your progress, what you would like to achieve and what changes you can start to make to help you. In the second half of a session we would use hypnosis to allow the client to focus on the positive aspects of their lives that encourage a shift in perspective. This is done very simply through relaxation and visualisation allowing clients to move forward in a confident and positive way.
Hypnotherapy is about learning how to sidestep, or cope with real life situations which can cause any number of unwanted feelings. We’ll also work on how you deal with these knocks if they can’t be avoided, and how to get yourself back on that upward trend in the shortest possible time.
But importantly, with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, we work with your subconscious from the outset. This isn’t a therapy that gives you a new set of tools and sends you on your way – far from it. We will work to improve your subconscious thinking, bedding in these tools to enable you to deal with the stresses of life in the most effective way; like riding a bike, once you have it, you never lose it. It becomes part of you. We call this Systemic Neuroplastic Change. This is an investment for the long term.

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