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Why me?

I’m Gillian Forrester and I offer a professional, solution focused approach to hypnotherapy. I offer a free 15-minute initial consultation to discuss how hypnotherapy can help you. So please use the contact form or online booking form to organise an initial consultation or session together.

My treatments help you focus your mind on what you want to achieve more than on the issues or their causes. My approach focuses very much on the future and not on the past, creating a picture of positive actions and outcomes. This allows you to come up with solutions to help you move forward towards your best hopes.

The Solution Focused Hypnotherapy I offer is a  collaborative process and it is important to understand that change happens because you want it to and because you are prepared to take the necessary steps to allow it to happen.

Sessions involve much more than hypnosis. During the first part of each session we’ll talk about the progress you have made, and I’ll be encouraging you to express yourself positively, focusing on solutions rather than dwelling on problems.

I’ll help you to imagine your preferred future, a future where you have a more useful perspective on the quality of your life. I’ll then guide you into a relaxed state of hypnosis so that we can consolidate what we have discussed.


Would your life be easier?

Would you feel more in control?

Would you feel more confident?

Would you be happier?

Would it allow you to plan for the future?



Provided you are willing to make changes to the way you think, the therapy can be highly effective in relieving the symptoms of anxiety, stress and other limiting issues. Focusing on solutions means we do not dwell on problems.

Instead we:

Acknowledge where you are currently

Identify where you want to be

Look for changes that will help you get there

Help you to make those necessary changes