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  • Initial Consultation: This would normally last around 15 minutes and is completely free of charge.  Book Initial Consultation


  • Hypnotherapy Sessions: The 1st session will usually last one to one and a half hours with further sessions lasting one hour. A recording to be used every night is included. £70  Book Hypnotherapy Session


  • Anxiety & Stress Package: Tailored specifically to help anxious clients regain control and peace of mind. One session of an hour and a half followed by three weekly/fortnightly sessions of one hour. A recording to be used every night is also included. £265  Book Anxiety & Stress Package



  • Individual Hypnotherapy Treatment Plan: Every client has different goals and desires so please book an initial consultation where we can discuss a tailored plan which is right for you. Book Initial Consultation
  • Health Staff Discounts: Please use the link below.                     NHS Vouchers EDINBURGH



I would like to know you feel confident that we can work together, so I offer a free 15-minute initial consultation on the phone to potential new clients. This is where we get to know each other through an informal chat and information gathering. At this point you can ask me any questions and ensure you’re comfortable and ready to come in for your first session.

Sessions will last one hour. I explain how the brain works, why we can suffer from issues, and how hypnotherapy can help you. This understanding can be incredibly helpful to clients who feel overwhelmed with their problems. We will finish off with a trance session so you can leave feeling fully relaxed and refreshed.

A complimentary CD/download is included which will support work done in our clinical sessions together. All treatment is tailored to the individual so your needs are met.