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Booking & Fees


  • Initial Consultation Call: Take the first step towards positive change with a complimentary 15 minute consultation call. This opportunity allows us to connect and discuss your best hopes for the future.  Book Initial Consultation Call


  • Hypnotherapy Sessions: Begin your transformative journey with a comprehensive one hour initial session. £90 per session. Book Hypnotherapy Session


  • Phobias: Overcome your fears with a phobia package, typically consisting of three sessions for £255.  Book Phobia Package


  • Student Discount: Invest in your wellbeing with the special student rate of £75 per session, including a complimentary download for nightly reinforcement. Book Hypnotherapy Session



Booking & Fees

Are you ready to take the first step towards a happier, more fulfilling life? I’m excited to offer you a 15 minute free initial consultation call to potential new clients. This call is designed to ease any uncertainties and ensure that we are the perfect fit to embark on this transformative journey together. This informal chat allows us to connect, share information, and address any questions or concerns you may have, setting the scene for your upcoming sessions.

Each session will be a rejuvenating hour dedicated to exploring the inner workings of your mind and how hypnotherapy can unlock your true potential. Through enlightening discussions on brain functionality and the root causes of your challenges, you’ll gain invaluable insights that empower you to overcome obstacles with confidence. We’ll conclude with a blissful trance session, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and revitalised.

As a bonus, you’ll receive a complimentary CD/download tailored to enhance the progress made during our sessions, ensuring continuous support beyond our clinical meetings. Your journey with hypnotherapy is entirely personalised to meet your unique needs.